Kyunghee Koh,
Principal Investigator


Positions available
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Arzu Ozturk Colak, 


Jose Duhart, 


Ruky Akpoghiran,
Master's Student/
Research Technician


Yanan Zhang,
Research Technician


Joey Buchler,
Research Technician


Current Undergraduates

Jarod Olson

Kyle Kennedy


Lab Alumni


Former Postdocs:

Dinis Afonso, 2015-18, now a physician in Portugal

Die Liu, 2013-15, now a physician in China

James Jepson, 2010-14, now a PI, University College London, UK

Angelique Lamaze, 2011-13, now a Research Associate, University of Munster, Germany

Yong Yang, 2010-11, now a Research Associate, Rutgers University


Former Graduate Students:

Daniel Machado, 2013-18, MD/PhD, now a physicaian in Portugal

Dinis Afonso, 2011-14, MD/PhD, now a physician in Portugal

Alex Kenny, 2016-17, MS


Former Technicians:

Andri Cruz 2017-19, preparing to go to graduate school

Luke Kim 2018-19, now a medical student, University of Colorado

Victoria Baccini 2016-18, now a PhD student, Thomas Jefferson University

Huihui Pan, 2010-16, now a lab manager in China

Katelyn Kallas, 2011-13, now a biotechnician at Merck

Drew Peterson, 2009-11, now a postdoc, University of Pennsylvania

Corinne Smith, 2009-10, now a postdoc, Thomas Jefferson University


Former Undergraduate Students:

Melanie Hilman, 2018

Yash Shah, 2018

William Wei, 2017-18

Isabelle Roman, 2017

Rafael Ellis, 2016

Andrea Nam, Summer 2014

Robert Simmons, Summer 2013